January 1, 1997
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Model: JD4499


Choose ICEGRIPS ROTOR® Transitional Traction® when in need of maximum winter walking traction coupled with indoor walking versatility. Reduce slips and falls with ICEGRIPS ROTOR®.

ICEGRIPS ROTOR® is a uniquely versatile ice and snow walking sandal that allows the user to navigate all walking surfaces both indoors and out. ICEGRIPS ROTOR® boot ice cleats fit over all types of shoes and boots and is designed to fasten securely to your employee’s footwear.

Central to the design of ICEGRIPS ROTOR® is the unique two sided red rotor boot spikes for ice located in the sole and heel of the device. On one side of the rotor is aggressive ice walking studs that are engineered to provide maximum durability and traction in Winter’s harshest conditions.

The other side of the rotor is “spike-less” and allows your employees to walk inside without fear of damaging walking surfaces. Employees activate and deactivate the rotor’s boot spikes for ice with a simple twist.

ICEGRIPS ROTOR® traction devices feature a patented strap design that allows the upper straps to be fully removed and replaced in the event of excessive wear. The installed straps can even be removed and replaced with a special “Bulky Boot” strap kit designed for pack boots and other over-sized footwear. ICEGRIPS ROTOR® boot ice cleats are available in sizes L-XXL

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  • Rotating Traction Element
  • Aggressive Tread for Deep Snow Traction
  • Safe to Wear Indoors
  • Fits over All Types of Shoes
  • Fully Replaceable Upper Straps
  • “Bulky Boot” Strap Kit available
  • Transitional Traction
  • Part of the Color Coded Traction™ System
  • Sized from L – XXL
Conditions Excellent Good N/A