August 23, 2023
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Model: JD125


Choose the ICE-BREAKER™ for employees that need a quick and easy solution for walking safely over all types of ice and snow. Reduce slips and falls with the ICE-BREAKER™.

ICE-BREAKER™ is a one-size-fits all ice cleat that is lightweight and provides aggressive traction on ice and snow. Comfortable underfoot, the ICE-BREAKER can be worn on any type of footwear, including flat sole sneakers as well as work boots with defined heels. The ICE-BREAKER is a simple solution for outfitting employees quickly and easily.

The ICE-BREAKER features 18 “molded-in” high-profile tungsten carbide studs for aggressive and permanent traction for everyday walking on ice and snow.

With adjustable straps in both the toe and heel, the ICE-BREAKER can be sized to fit all employees of all shoe sizes.  Measuring 6.5” long and 3.75” wide, the ICE-BREAKER covers more than twice surface of traditional single strap, one-size ice cleats.

Beveled edges in both the toe and heel make the ICE-BREAKER comfortable underfoot while going about normal work activities. High-Viz green straps in the toe and heel make the ICE-BREAKER easily visible for safety checks. Light in weight, the ICE-BREAKER can be easily carried with employees while not in use.

Part of the exclusive Color Coded Traction™ System, the green studs and straps indicate Walking Traction, for simple everyday use.

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