February 1, 2008
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Model: JD6612


Choose GRIPS-LITE® Transitional Traction® gritted ice cleats when in need of a versatile lightweight winter walking device that will allow employees to walk anywhere without removing. Reduce slips and falls with GRIPS-LITE®.

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GRIPS-LITE® is a compact and light weight ice and snow walking device that fits easily and conveniently over all types of shoes and boots. It is extremely easy to use and can be put on or taken off in seconds. Weighing in at less than 4 ounces per foot, the GRIPS-LITE® is virtually inconspicuous on the user’s foot or when carried in a pocket.

The unique Transitional Traction® of GRIPS-LITE® comes from the sandpaper-like aluminum oxide grit. The sandpaper-like grit offers a level of traction greater than that of normal rubber soled shoes. GRIPS-LITE® is designed to keep your employees safe both indoors and out without the need to take them off. The grit is also non-sparking and non-conductive and designed for industrial environments.

Available in sizes S – XXL, GRIPS-LITE® will fit a wide range of boots and shoes.

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  • Aluminum Oxide Gritted Soles
  • Non-sparking and Non-Conductive
  • Safe to Wear Indoors and While Driving
  • Fits over All Types of Shoes
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Dual Rear Pull-Tab for Easy On/Off
  • Transitional Traction
  • Part of the Color Coded Traction™ System
  • Sized from S – XXL
Conditions Excellent Good N/A