October 5, 2016
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Model: JD3615


Choose ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Low-Profile Transitional Traction® ice cleats when in need of versatile traction for employees walking intermittently between ice and snow and indoor conditions. Reduce slips and falls with ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Low-Profile.

ALTRAGRIPS-LITE Low-Profile ice cleats are compact and light weight yet industrially strong ice and snow shoe cleats for ice that fit easily and conveniently over all types of shoes and boots. It is extremely easy to use and can be put on or taken off in under 30 seconds. Light in weight, the ALTRAGRIPS-LITE HP is virtually inconspicuous on the user’s foot or when carried in a pocket.

The traction on ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP’s comes from the shoe cleats for ice and its 16 minimally exposed tungsten carbide studs underfoot.This minimal exposure allows the employee to gain traction in winter conditions with the ice grippers for shoes while still being able to navigate clean surfaces with reduced risk of surface damage. The spikes are constructed of tungsten carbide for superior abrasion resistance and sealed into the sole of ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP’s for maximum durability. ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP’s can also be worn while driving.

ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP’s feature dual rear pull-tabs for easy on and off and an aggressively treaded sole on these ice grippers for shoes that is designed to provide additional traction in thicker snow conditions. ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP’s also features a patented Trim-Line™ that allows the user to remove the heel portion if necessary. The ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LP ice cleats for shoes and boots are sized from an XS up to an XXL and is guaranteed to fit every one of your employees.

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  • Low Profile Studs for Greater Indoor / Outdoor Versatility
  • Transitional Traction®
  • Durable Tungsten Carbide Studs for Longer Wear
  • Sealed in Studs for Maximum Durability
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Aggressive Tread for Deep Snow Traction
  • Fits over All Types of Shoes
  • Low Temp Elasticity for Guaranteed Stretch
  • Dual Rear Pull-Tab for Easy On/Off
  • Patented Trim Line Feature to remove the heel traction
  • Sized from XS – XXL
Conditions Excellent Good N/A