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Why Don’t Ice Cleats Work For You?

If you’re bored one day, type “ice cleats” into your preferred search engine. How many results do you get? Hundreds of thousands. So why does this matter? Well, it means ice cleats are popular. Would they be as prevalent today if they didn’t work? Interesting question. Let’s look into this: If you analyze the 800,000 […]

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Spikes 101: What You Need to Know Right Now

As a safety manager, this is the time of year your attention turns to winter prep. Storms are right around the corner and reducing winter slips and falls is sure to be on your mind. So, have you started your search for the perfect ice cleat or traction aid?  And if so, have you made your decision […]

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Replaceable vs. Permanent Spikes – the True Cost

If you’re a safety manager, chances are, reducing winter slips and falls are top of mind right now. There are many considerations when searching for the perfect ice cleat or traction aid – including whether to use replaceable or permanent spikes – so we’re going to try to make that decision as easy as possible […]

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