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The Best Way to Get Your Workforce to Wear Ice Cleats

Resistance to change is simply part of human nature. If you want to see that resistance in action, try introducing a new piece of PPE to an established workforce. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the following response when discussing ice cleats with a safety manager: “It’s not even worth buying […]

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My Guys Hate Taking Their Ice Cleats On and Off

Far and away, the most common complaint we hear is that people hate taking their ice cleats on and off throughout the day, especially when they walk from outside to inside frequently. Who can blame them? Winter slips and falls on snow and ice are often the number one cause of recordable incidents. While ice […]

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Mandatory Reading About the Dangers of Voluntary Safety

I’ve found that there are two ways people tend to look at ice cleats. • Ice cleats are a last resort. • Ice cleats are part of the workplace safety gear solution. Let me ask you a question: Why are your employees using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they are today? Chances are, your company […]

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